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Check out the TableTop game reviews by Wil Wheaton and friends!

Blending concise reviews with full-bodied commentary on all things tabletop

City of Gamers
An online forum for local gamers

Beast Wargaming Blog
Good gaming in Northern Illinois

Garagehammer podcast
Lake County Warhammer Fantasy players talk about WFB and other gaming.  We sponser them!

Legends In Time
Hosts of Legends In the Spring/Fall wargame conventions and miniatures store

Adeptus Windy City
An online forum for local Warhammer 40k players

Lake County Ghost Hunters
Team of researchers that take their job seriously

Hirst Arts modeling website
They sell molds to make buildings and terrain, but check out the TIPS and TRICKS link for a wealth of modeling information!

Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic
Painting Guide, a great start for beginners!  Plus much more!
Local artist and his comics.  See "Tumblin Dice" strip based on a game store!

Gnome Stew
An RPG blog for any Game Master! 
Grayslake's own Patrick Benson has a major hand in the creation of the book "Eureka" which gives hundreds of plot points for any Role Playing Game.  Should be in print and at the store this fall.



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